Advanced Testing with Sampled Values

March 30, 2021

RelaySimTest 3.40 and Test Universe 4.30 (available mid 2021) offer new features according to IEC 61869-9 and IEC 61850-9-2 Ed2.1. A CMC test set with NET-2 interface is required, to make use of the new features. 

RelaySimTest 3.40

RelaySimTest is a software solution for system-based protection testing with OMICRON test equipment that takes a novel, future-oriented approach: the test is independent of relay type and relay manufacturer and the often very extensive parameter settings. Instead, it completely focuses on the correct behavior of the protection system. This is made possible by simulating realistic events in the power system.

The new version RelaySimTest 3.40 offers various new features and improvements:

  • Simulation of Configurable Sampled Value datasets with up to 32 values
  • Simulation of an IED GOOSE failure for testing backup protection behaviour
  • Open-winding-transformer for modelling two-core phase shifting transformers and other challenges

Check out the "WHAT’S NEW" 619 kBdocument about more improvements and detailed information.

You can download the new software version in our Customer Portal (for registered users).



Test Universe 4.30

Test Universe is our most powerful and convenient software tool for settings-based testing of protection relays. Function-specific test modules graphically display relay characteristics, and thus allow to easily check settings as well as mode of operation. The software offers fully automated protection testing with a library of relay-specific test plans (PTL) and automatic adaptation to relay settings.

The new version Test Universe 4.30 offers various new features and improvements:

  • Configurable Sampled Value datasets with up to 32 values
  • 3 Sampled Value streams - no LLO-2 option needed
  • Frequently used optional fields can be configured
  • The Sampled Value output is independent from the output of analog values
  • The configuration revision (ConfRev) and the sign of residual / zero sequence values can be adjusted

If no NET-2 interface is installed, the former way of generating Sampled Values can still be used in Test Universe 4.20 and earlier.

Test Universe 4.30 will be available in the mid of 2021 in our Customer Portal (for registered users).

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