COMPANO 100 V2.20 Available

October 2, 2019

The software update for COMPANO 100 to version 2.20 is available as free download in the Customer Portal and brings the following new features:

  • AUX DC mode for V OUT: The voltage output V OUT can now alternatively be used as a dedicated DC supply for devices. This allows, for example, protection relays to be supplied with energy (up to 500 mA / 45 W) even outside of a running test order to adapt relay settings or read out results.
  • Loading and saving configuration profiles on a USB stick: Configuration profiles can now be stored on a USB stick in clear hierarchies in order to transfer them to another COMPANO 100, for example. This allows FLEX sequences to be centrally prepared for testing certain relay functions and distributed to maintenance teams with COMPANO 100.
  • Further improvements in the software
    • Increased frequency granularity in the ramp function, improves the test possibilities of frequency relays.
    • Higher current resolution at low currents in the 20 A range allows direct testing of earth-fault relays.
    • Phase angles are no longer limited to +/-180°. This simplifies testing on directional relays.

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