Get Your Hands on MPD 800 – the Next Generation MPD for Partial Discharge Testing

March 2, 2020

Our new MPD 800 universal partial discharge (PD) measurement and analysis system represents the next generation of our widely-used and innovative MPD PD testing technology.

The future of PD testing
Established MPD hardware and software features have been enhanced and new functionality has been added to make our rugged MPD 800 the most complete, accurate, and flexible solution available for PD testing in various applications. Time-saving innovations make PD testing and analysis easier and much more efficient, no matter what your skill or experience level.

Two PD input channels in one device
The MPD 800 measurement device includes two fiber-optic PD input channels for either synchronous, two-channel PD measurements or a single-channel PD measurement plus a gating channel to reduce surrounding interference without the need for an additional device.

Multi-language PD testing software
The MPD 800 measurement and analysis software is now available in multiple languages, including simplified Chinese, English, German, French, Japanese, Portuguese and Russian.

Individualized PD testing
You can decide which of the available PD measurement and analysis software features you need for a specific PD measurement, hiding those you do not need at any time for individualized PD testing and reporting.

Time-saving user profiles
You can also define individual test specifications, including calibration and measurement settings, based on applicable international standards, and how data is displayed for specific types of PD tests and test objects and save them as profiles for current and future use.

Full compatibility for MPD 600 users
If you are already an MPD 600 user, the good news is that you can upgrade your existing MPD 600 software to the new MPD 800 software to take advantage of its new and enhanced features. You can also combine new MPD 800 PD measurement devices with your existing MPD 600 devices in the same PD test setup. With the MPD 800 software, you can simultaneously view and analyze the PD data from all connected devices.


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