IEC 61850 Client/Server Module Available

November 2, 2016

Test Universe, the powerful PC software suite for advanced and comprehensive protection testing, introduces the new “IEC 61850 Client/Server” module. This module provides a unique way to integrate an automated test of IEC 61850 SCADA communication into an OMICRON Control Center document.

It grants access to the IED’s data model for measurement and assessment and provides an easy and secure way to automatically set the test related modes during protection testing and switch back to the operating state after testing. It is also capable of assessing the combination of states and checking the IED’s reaction.

Benefit from additional functionality:

  • Makes OMICRON Test Universe a client in IEC 61850 environments
  • Setting IED’s mode
  • Testing the SCADA communication of IEC 61850 IEDs
  • Accessing IED’s data model for protection testing
  • Comprehensive documentation of all tests and assessment of results

Please find more information about the IEC 61850 Client/Server module on the product page.

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