IEDScout 5.00 Available

November 4, 2019

IEDScout is the ideal tool for protection and substation automation engineers working with IEC 61850 devices. The software allows access to IEDs (Intelligent Electronic Devices) and a detailed insight into the devices, making all data and communication information available. The simulation of IEDs as well as the monitoring of GOOSE messages in the activity monitor are only two of many helpful functions the software offers for working with IEDs.

The latest version of IEDScout 5.00 now also supports the mobile test set MBX1 and the permanently installable platform RBX1. Additional advantages result from the execution of the software on these cyber-secure test sets:

  • Highly secure and powerful platform
  • Isolation of Windows PCs from the substation network
  • The test device related license allows the use in a team
  • Simulation of several IEDs with their real IP addresses possible

When testing IEDs, ensure cyber-secure separation between your test PC and the system and use IEDScout 5.00 on your MBX1 or RBX1.

Further information about IEDScout 5.00 and its improvements can be found on the product page.

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