Light, Ultra-Portable, Precise – CMC 430

June 9, 2017

Weighing a mere 8.7 kg, the CMC 430 is the lightest and most precise protection test set in the world. Thanks to its robust design – including edge protection – it is ideally suited to porta-ble applications, even when subjected to harsh ambient conditions and extreme temperature fluctuations.

Extensive test functions right through to hybrid measurements

The CMC 430's technical merits really come to the fore when testing numerical and commu-nication-based relay systems and measuring systems, especially during tests with up to three currents of 12.5 A at the same time. Here its outstanding performance as a relay test set is combined with functions for hybrid measurements and recordings (analog, binary, GOOSE, and Sampled Values in accordance with IEC 61850). The EnerLyzer Live software option enables hybrid measurements and recordings to be taken simultaneously with active output channels.

Unique: Six voltage outputs for a broader range of test applications

The six voltage outputs allow the synchro-check function to be tested, as well as bay control systems with six voltage inputs – without an additional voltage amplifier. Red LEDs indicate the status of the voltage and current amplifier (continuous light for active output and flashing light for output overload). They are accompanied by an acoustic signal that can be switched off.

Performance and maximum accuracy in the test set sector

The three powerful 100 W current amplifier enable burden measurements to be taken and older protective device models to be tested. Thanks to its extremely high amplitude and phase accuracy (current and voltage), the CMC 430 is an ideal source for calibrating meas-uring instruments, such as energy meters, measuring transducers, PQ measuring instru-ments, and PMUs.

High-performance testing tools support an array of different testing tasks

The device can be controlled using either a Windows laptop or an Android tablet PC, on which the high-performance software testing tools from OMICRON come into play: Test Uni-verse, CMContol App, or RelaySimTest.

Maximum mobility for the testing engineer

OMICRON offers two options for transporting the CMC 430. The trolley with rucksack func-tion is the highly portable choice if the device needs to be transported easily in harsh condi-tions. There is also plenty of room for the required accessories in addition to the device. The highly resilient multi-function transport case has proved a particular hit for OMICRON. As well as a pull-out handle and wheels, it provides the familiar secure protection for the device and accessories against dust, dripping water, and mechanical influences, making it suitable for unsupervised transport or shipping. What is more, the robust lid can be raised to use as a work table for the control laptop, while the CMC 430 device remains inside the case.

Certified safety

The device is certified by TÜV SÜD AMERICA Inc. and meets European, North American, and international health and safety requirements.

More Information
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