No Log4j vulnerability in OMICRON products

December 20, 2021

The infamous Apache Log4j vulnerability, also known as Log4Shell, has gained a lot of attention recently since it is a very serious security flaw affecting a tremendous amount of IT systems throughout the world. If attackers manage to exploit the vulnerability, they gain the ability to execute arbitrary code and potentially take full control of the system. Fortunately, no OMICRON product is affected because none of them are built using Java, and therefore the Log4j library is not used anywhere.

We take any type of security vulnerability issue affecting our products very seriously, which is why we have set up a dedicated page on our website documenting all such vulnerabilities known to us, including how to fix or mitigate them. This page is kept up-to-date and will list all newly discovered vulnerabilities affecting any of our products in a timely fashion. There you can also obtain links to RSS feeds to automatically get informed whenever a new vulnerability is published.

Go to product security page and subscribe to RSS feed

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