RelaySimTest 4.10 - What's New in Version 4.10

October 7, 2022

RelaySimTest is a software solution for system-based protection testing with OMICRON test equipment. The test approach is independent of relay type, manufacturer, and parameter settings. Instead, RelaySimTest completely focuses on the correct behavior of the protection system by simulating realistic power system events.

With software version 4.10, we have improved RelaySimTest in several ways.

The two most important changes include

  • the addition of a new simulation model for an induction motor or asynchronous motor and
  • the possibility to simulate infeed events

With these major additions, you can now test Motor Bus Transfer schemes, Motor protection, or Rate of Change of Frequency (ROCOF) protection using the system-based testing approach.

Besides these big changes, a number of smaller improvements have also been made, including improvements of the Interactive System Simulation and the capabilities of RelaySimTest in terms of testing IEC 61850 protection systems. Please find more details in the following pages.

Check out the "WHAT’S NEW" document833 kB about more improvements and detailed information.

You can download the new software version from the product page or the Customer Portal (for registered users).


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