StationScout 2.30 – Next Level Substation Automation System (SAS) Testing

October 2, 2023

By using StationScout, you will simplify the testing for Substation Automation Systems (SAS) and significantly reduce the required testing effort. It comes with a robust and powerful hardware that allows you to simulate multiple IEDs with secure isolation to the SAS networks. This user-friendly software helps you to visualize SCL files or tracing signals within your substation without any configuration effort.


Take your Substation Automation System (SAS) testing to the next level!
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The latest update brings some highly requested new features:

Import & export of test plans

Improve test efficiency with seamless import and export of test cases, including entire test plans. Easily manage test cases for individual IEDs, bay levels, or the entire substation. New test cases are automatically assigned to the correct IED, and existing test cases are updated to improve workflow. You can access this function directly from the “File” menu tab.


Find devices in ZeroLine

Are you tired of wasting time searching, reading, and clicking through countless IEDs? Use the convenient search bar to easily locate your devices using various parameters, such as name, description, manufacturer, IED model, hardware version, software version, access point name and IP address. All devices matching your search criteria are highlighted in the ZeroLine diagram and on the mini-map. 


Device-specific certificates for encrypted communication

Enjoy peace of mind as communication to the device is now even more secure. As of version 2.30, our MBX1 and RBX1 platforms now generate individual certificates for all encrypted communication with the device, further enhancing security. Previously, a common certificate was used for all devices, but this update ensures a unique certificate for each device.

Please note that you will need to identify and confirm the device once before connecting to it, as the certificates cannot be validated automatically.


VBX1: Run StationScout, StationGuard, and IEDScout on existing hardware

After successfully completing an extensive beta phase, the VBX1 has been rigorously tested in a variety of environments to ensure robust stability and reliability.

Along with our proven hardware offerings, the platforms RBX1 and MBX1, our innovative software solutions are now optimized for the VBX1 platform. This ready-to-deploy virtual machine runs effortlessly on VMware systems and delivers uncompromised software performance directly on your current virtualization infrastructure.


Bug fixes and other improvements

  • StationScout will display an issue if the timestamp of the signal change is in the future relative to the current device time.
  • Fixed a bug where StationScout would not show the NTP time as synchronized, even though the necessary accuracy was reached.
  • Fixed a bug where negative numeric values in test steps were imported as positive values when importing test cases.



Download the new software version free-of-charge in our

 Customer Portal


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