Electrical switchgear,Industrial electrical switch panel at substation in industrial zone at power plant

The New Commissioning Functions of StationScout

October 10, 2019

It's probably happened to you countless times already – having to manually carry out the same simple test steps over and over again for each of all the IEDs in the substation automation system (SAS). A click here, a confirmation there. At some point you just get the feeling that the test software is actually working against you, not with you. Thanks to the new Commissioning functions for StationScout, these times are over!

With the unrivaled clear visualization of every component in the SAS alone, StationScout drastically reduces the testing efforts required.

The Commissioning functions consistently continue these simplifications and allow to define test cases comprising one or more steps. These can then be effortlessly repeated or duplicated on other IEDs, whether for factory acceptance tests (FAT), site acceptance tests (SAT), or for routine testing following firmware or security updates. Not only can the same components be easily tested with predefined test cases, but similar substations too.

The watchlist, another new feature, consolidates selected signals so that they can be monitored in isolation. It provides the test engineer with a clear overview, despite the large number of signals present in a substation. Simulation values can be easily adjusted here and switching operations using a client simulation are now also possible. The results are exported at the click of a button and can be transferred in a standardized format to Word or Excel for the necessary documentation.

The next time you visit the substation, you will already have all the defined test cases to hand, which you can then carry out quickly and easily.

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