VOTANO 100 software version 2.40 now available

April 3, 2024

Our VOTANO 100 is the first portable device (15 kg/33 lbs) which offers highly accurate voltage transformer tests. This allows to use VOTANO 100 not only for electrical performance checks, but also for class verification and calibration.

It performs quick tests of all kinds of inductive voltage* transformers (VTs) and capacitive voltage transformers (CVTs) for both protection and metering purposes.

Improvements and new features

  • C- Divider test
    The C-divider test has been extended to allow for the testing of individual C-section capacitances. Like this, it is not only possible to measure the total C1 capacitance value, but additionally also e.g. C1-1, and C1-2 capacitance values
  • Advanced VT/CVT test
    Tolerance margins can now be used with automatically pre-filled values for the respective type and voltage level of the test object.
  • VT/CVT simulation
    Now it is possible to calculate ratio and phase accuracy for different rated burdens. The calculation results also for the operating burden was added to the report.
  • Burden measurement
    The burden measurement now allows to exclude losses of the neutral return conductor by enabling the Subtract Rn setting.

The software version V2.40 also features several improvements:

  • API extensions
  • Usability improvements
  • Report improvements

You can download the new software version free-of-charge in our Customer Portal. Please find detailed information about the latest software version in the “What’s New” document 537 kBor in the What's New video

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