We Fulfill Your Wish List for Power Transformer Diagnosis

November 2, 2017

During the condition assessment of power transformers, test engineers face a number of challenges. Various diagnostic tests have to be performed – in the past, this required numerous individual test solutions. Some tests involve countless trips up and down the transformer for rewiring. This increases the duration of the measurement and the probability of errors and accidents. The huge amount of data collected at the end of a testing day has to be managed, for example for data storage or reporting.

With our new power transformer bundle, we address all these challenges: Providing multi-functional test solutions, we manage to reduce the required number of devices to a minimum. The implemented high level of automation and intelligent algorithms ensure a series of tests can be performed without any rewiring.

Our developers exhaustively reviewed how to ensure an easy test setup and fast connection. The result is one of the most reliable, robust and intuitive connection techniques within the testing industry. All this is topped off with just one software for the whole product bundle, providing comprehensive testing and asset data, automatic result assessment and report generation.

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“The power transformer bundle requires minimum effort for maximum output: it covers a whole list of diagnostic tests in order to obtain a comprehensive insight into your power transformer.”

(M. Anglhuber)

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