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Reliable Stator Core Fault Detection in Rotating Electrical Machines

March 17, 2020

With its new Stator Core Measurement Upgrade Option, OMICRON’s CPC 100 multi-functional electrical testing device is able to perform time-saving and highly reliable electromagnetic imperfection testing (also known as stray flux measurements) on the stator cores of rotating electrical machines, including hydro and turbo generators as well as motors.

The importance of stator core testing
Electromagnetic imperfection testing is performed to detect stator core interlamination faults that can cause overheating and damage in rotating machines during operation. During the measurement, the stator core is energized with a small percentage of nominal flux and the stray flux on the surface is measured. Any change in the stray flux is an indication of a potential fault between two or more layers. To avoid damage and unplanned downtime, regular measurements are recommended to compare and evaluate the insulation integrity between stator core layers over time.

Efficient, user-friendly solution
With OMICRON’s Stator Core Measurement Upgrade Option, the compact and easily transportable equipment is used in combination with the CPC 100 for both energizing the stator core as well as performing the measurement. The measurement sensor is mounted on a rail and automatically moves across the stator core to scan the surface. After one slot is finished, the rail is manually moved to the next slot. The entire stator core can be semi-automatically scanned using this approach. This ensures efficient and highly reproducible measurements.

The user-friendly Primary Test ManagerTM (PTM) software provides users with a guided workflow throughout the test and enables a real-time graphical analysis of the results. A heat map with adjustable limits provides users with a visual overview of hot spots in the stator core.

OMICRON CPC 100 + Stator Core Measurement Upgrade Option

  • Semi-automatic scanning of the stator core
  • Measurement and excitation in one solution
  • Frequency-variable injection from 15 to 400 Hz
  • User-friendly work flow using Primary Test Manager (PTM) software
  • Automated reporting including results, graphs and heat map
  • Easily extendable excitation cable to meet specific measurement requirements
  • Multi-functional CPC 100 meets additional testing needs

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