Network Traffic Monitoring

During operation of Digital Substations, continuous network traffic monitoring is essential for assured network anomaly detection. Our solutions reliably expose and log relevant events like failures of
intelligent electronic devices (IEDs), configuration errors, and network problems. Immediate notification allows you fast and precise troubleshooting.


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DANEO 400 records and analyzes messages on the substation communication network. It detects anomalies in the network traffic and automatically logs all relevant events including detailed information (e.g., lost samples, GOOSE timing problems, and PTP time synchronization issues). Events trigger detailed recordings and the system immediately informs you, e.g. via e-mail. Defined event severities and categories speed up filtering and analyzing the event log.

Benefits of this solution

StationGuard on the RBX1 or MBX1 platform

The cybersecurity and functional monitoring system observes communication networks in substations. It reveals communication failures, failed commands, cyber threats, and prohibited activities. StationGuard detects GOOSE and MMS configuration mistakes, erroneous IEC 60870-5-104 and DNP3 communication, time synchronization failures, excessive transmission delays, and much more. The user interface of the hardened system is tailor-made for protection, automation, and control engineers in substations.


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