Partial Discharge Measurement (GIS)

Partial discharge measurement is one of the most important tools for GIS insulation condition assessment. During the test, a high voltage is applied to the insulation and the inception and extinction of partial discharges is being noted. Partial discharge (PD) in gas insulated switchgear is a leading indicator that a fault is going to occur and immediate action needs to be taken. A GIS failure would be a calamity. PD in GIS can be caused by particles floating in the gas insulation, or loose or broken components such as a piece of metal shaving that gets too close to a conductor. PD can occur in solid, gas or liquid medium and PD voltages vary depending on the insulation material.

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MPD 600 + UHF 620

The MPD 600 is an advanced PD measurement and analysis system. The UHF 620 extends the measurement range to very high frequency (VHF) and ultra-high frequency (UHF) ranges.
PD can be measured in an additional measurement range of 100 MHz to 2,000 MHz with different frequency bandwidths, including narrow-band measurements up to 1.5 MHz, medium-band measurements at 70 MHz and broadband measurements at 1.9 GHz.

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