OMICRON Academy Online
Webinar (Recorded)

Dielectric moisture analysis of power transformers with DIRANA

OMICRON Academy Online
Webinar (Recorded)


Gain an insight into effect of water in power transformer insulation and how it effects the lifetime of power transformers. Learn how to use DIRANA to determine the moisture content of any transformer. Understand when to perform measurements and how to use the results for a condition based, cost optimized asset management.
Meet the trainer and the other participants in an interesting online session.


  • Understand the principle of dielectric moisture determination and how to use it for measurements
  • Learn how to use the results for asset management


  • Moisture in power transformers and its effects
  • Principle of dielectric moisture determination
  • Application of DIRANA for performing measurements
  • Interpretation of the moisture content regarding the effect on the lifetime of a power transformer 


1:28 h


Please use your official Email ID to register for this recorded webinar*.

*For the recorded webinar, we are using “Cisco Webex Events”. This is a Cisco Webex Meetings solution made available by Cisco Systems Inc. (San Jose, California, USA) to conduct our training sessions. For that purpose, your data submitted in the registration process needs to be forwarded to Cisco.


This is a beginner level webinar. Anyone interested in DIRANA Test will benefit from this course


No previous course or knowledge of DIRANA or moisture management is required. 
Any knowledge of power factor measurements on power transformers is a benefit.



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