Protection Relay Testing

Due to the key role protection systems play within today’s power systems, their reliable operation has to be ensured at all times. Therefore, protective relays as well as recloser controls must be tested throughout their life cycle, from their initial development through production and commissioning to periodical maintenance during operation.

In this field, protection engineers not only face an increasing number of assets that need to be tested, but also a wide variety of device types and applications, from electro-mechanical to digital protection relays within conventional or even fully digital substations. Ultimately, protection engineers not only need to ensure that protection devices are functioning, but that faults are cleared correctly. And all of this needs to occur within a given schedule.

Highly flexible solution for protection relay testing

Our modular approach, consisting of powerful hardware and software options, covers the whole range of protection relay testing challenges protection engineers face every day with a single highly flexible solution. It can easily be configured to your specific needs, offering fully automated testing, a future-proof combination of settings- and system-based testing as well as modular expansion options.

Benefits of this solution

Highly automated
Our solution enables you to re-use factory acceptance test plans for commissioning and maintenance and allow tests to be fully automated.
Integrated expertise
The Protection Testing Library (PTL) provides test templates for numerous relay models free of charge. They help you save valuable time, since test plans and nominal characteristics do not have to be created from scratch.
Seamless IEC 61850 integration
Our solution can be seamlessly integrated into IEC 61850 environments and enables you to handle traditional and IEC 61850 IED commissioning.
Convenient documentation
Our solution helps you document whether the tests have been conducted correctly during the commissioning phase and assure commissioning quality with standardized test plans.

Special Applications

With your CMC test sets, operating software packages and our free test templates in the Protection Testing Library, you will be able to conveniently perform tests in special applications. You can find a few of the numerous examples below. Please feel free to contact us at any time, if you have any questions regarding the applications you need to cover.


Protection Applications - Automatic testing

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