Cybersecurity in the Power Grid – A 360° View | Part 4

Experiences, challenges, and innovations in developing cybersecurity products

Welcome to the 4th episode of our Energy Talks miniseries, called Cybersecurity in the Power Grid, in which we provide you with a 360-degree view of how power grids can best safeguard their infrastructures from cyber-attacks.

In Part 4 of our cybersecurity mini-series, Anastasiya Shvetsova, OMICRON software quality assurance engineer, and Jaques Grobler, who is a full-stack developer at OMICRON, share their experiences, challenges, and innovations in developing our cross-cutting-edge cybersecurity products.

Learn about their personal journeys and what inspired them to become cybersecurity developers in the fields of quality assurance and full-stack development. Discover how they stay current with state-of-the-art practices to develop innovative solutions while ensuring the excellence and quality of the products.

From their daily challenges to their proudest successes and learnings, Anastasiya and Jaques offer valuable insights into their collaboration with other teams and the importance of their work in enhancing cybersecurity.

Stay tuned for upcoming episodes in our Cybersecurity in the Power Grid miniseries.

Learn more about our approach to cybersecurity in power grids:

Cybersecurity for Protection and Control Engineers


“The cyber threat landscape is continuously evolving. People find new ways to attack computer systems nearly every day.

- Anastasiya Shvetsova, Software Quality Assurance OMICRON


“To build secure software, it's important that everyone involved stays on the security pulse and focuses on proactively identifying the vulnerabilities.

- Jaques Grobler, Full-Stack Developer OMICRON

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