Cybersecurity for Protection and Control Engineers

The large number of substations and their relatively open design cover a wide area for cyber threats in the power grid. Routine testing and maintenance operations by protection and control engineers or external service partners represent an especially vulnerable attack vector in the network and its critical devices. Therefore, secure testing solutions for substation automation and SCADA systems are needed.

Control all communication in your network
Protection and control engineers are involved in many processes of critical infrastructure security – from identifying assets in the substation networks, to installing protection measures, and response processes in case of cyber attacks on the power grid. It is vital that applied cybersecurity solutions like intrusion detection systems (IDS), as required by security regulations, are able to be used by engineers responsible for the protection and automation system. Our cybersecurity systems have been developed to meet the needs of protection and control engineers in energy systems. Enhanced functional security monitoring features help to visualize and diagnose the communication in the substation network.

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The sum of many different perspectives and insights empowers us to continually offer new and innovative products and services. We successfully ready ourselves with the best solutions to global changes and rapidly evolving cyber threats. Together with our partners, we optimize OT and IT security for your benefit. To explore our partnerships, just follow this link.

Products for Cybersecurity for Protection and Control Engineers


Intrusion Detection in Energy Systems – An Important Building Block in OT Security Processes

StationGuard | Cybersecurity Tailor-Made for Substations

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