Detecting Cyber Threats in Substations with StationGuard

It is not only control centers and their PCs that can be entry points for cyber attacks on our power grid, substations are also attractive targets. Therefore, effective cyber-security measures are inevitable – both in control centers as well as in substations.

Multiple layers are necessary to ensure the cybersecurity of substations. While cryptography allows authentication of devices, not all attacks can be prevented with these measures. Firewalls and “air gaps” can be circumvented through existing remote access tunnels, or through maintenance computers directly attached to IEDs or the station bus. Therefore, measures are necessary to detect cyber threats from inside the substation network.

StationGuard, an intrusion detection system tailor-made for substations, revolutionizes cybersecurity for the IEC 61850 station and process bus. It combines our longstanding knowledge of substations and IEC 61850 network communication analysis with an extensive pilot testing phase with customers worldwide. Thanks to the clear and understandable presentation of security alerts in the language of protection and SCADA engineers, StationGuard helps to analyze alerts efficiently.

For additional information and technical details, just follow the link below.

StationGuard product page

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