What You Need to Know
About Cybersecurity
in the Power Supply Network 

In this article you'll learn what you need to consider in terms of cybersecurity in the energy sector, plus how we support you to deliver a secure energy supply now and in the future.

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OMICRON Cybersecurity 

A safe power grid for many years

Since OMICRON was founded, it has been our goal to ensure a secure power supply. While nothing about this intention has changed nearly 40 years later, the same cannot be said about the power supply network. Power gridshave becomemore digital, assets have become more interconnected, and the energy revolution is unleashing what is probably the greatest wave of change since their inception.

This advance in technology brings a great deal of opportunities for utilities, industrial power suppliers, and also key infrastructure like railroads, but also new challenges and risks – especially concerning cybersecurity.

OMICRON: A certified cybersecurity service provider 

We have made it our mission to securely and reliably shape the generation, transmission, and distribution of electrical energy. That's why we see it as our obligation to help you detect and rectify any sources of riskboth in your OT (operational technology) as well as your IT environment.

Our products and expertise enable you to:  

  • Immediately detect potential attacks
  • Close security loopholes
  • Avoid outages
  • Monitor your asset inventory at all times.

We protect IT and OT to ensure comprehensive cybersecurity

Guaranteeing the cybersecurity of the power grid is a complex and varied task – from DDoS attacks, malware, and phishing as sources of danger to security measures such as access restrictions, firewalls, and emergency recovery plans, all safety aspects need to be considered from two perspectives: IT and OT.

From great connectivity comes great responsibility 

Increasing cyber threats make it essential to protect the cybersecurity of your IT and OT together, rather than in isolation. Four key aspects need to be considered here:

  • Comprehensive management of your OT assets and industrial control systems (ICS)
  • End-to-end monitoring of the network
  • Detection and rectification of security risks
  • Immediate detection of cyber attacks

We ensure the perfect synergy of IT and OT cybersecurity together with you, enabling you to allow maintenance work and other authorized activities to be carried out while at the same time being alert to threats and critical events like network errors and configuration problems, all of which prevent unnecessary outages.

Cybersecurity is not an off-the-rack product

Depending on the remit, energy requirement, asset inventory, or system logs used, every company in every industry has very specific cybersecurity requirements.

Cybersecurity for the utility industry 

It's important for utilities to be able to detect cyber threats to power grids in real time and respond quickly. We help integrate cybersecurity into basic operational processes to ensure secure production, transmission, and distribution of power.
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Cybersecurity for industrial power suppliers 

With our security assessments, functional monitoring, audit preparations, and vulnerability management, industrial power suppliers can minimize the risk factors of cyber threats to protect themselves from potentially catastrophic consequences.
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Cybersecurity for the infrastructure industry 

It's especially important for infrastructure companies like railroad operators or water treatment companies to meet the applicable legal and regulatory cybersecurity requirements. We help them minimize risk through functional monitoring, IDS, vulnerability management, and audit preparation. 
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Who is the OMICRON cybersecurity service aimed at?

If you'd like to know whether we can help you with your cybersecurity questions and challenges, then just get in touch, especially if one of the following applies:

  • You are planning to protect your power supply and control systems with information security measures or integrate them into an information security management system.
  • You operate infrastructures defined as critical infrastructure in accordance with the IT Security Act.
  • You intend to outsource essential critical IT systems, e.g., to the cloud.
  • Your company has been subjected to a malware or ransomware attack.

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