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Discover various aspects of PD testing and monitoring in our Energy Talks podcast series

If you are interested in learning more about partial discharge testing and partial discharge monitoring based on the field experience of our PD experts, we invite you to listen to a variety of related episodes in our Energy Talks podcast series. They make a perfect travel companion on your way to and from work or listen in during a break in your busy day.

Get practical tips for PD testing and monitoring

In the following podcast episodes, our PD experts talk about the importance of PD testing and monitoring on a wide variety of electrical equipment in some of the most challenging testing environments. Our PD experts explain the various methods used to measure, analyze and trend PD. They also share their practical experiences and explain why PD testing and monitoring are essential for reliably assessing the insulation condition of electrical equipment.

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Partial Discharge Testing and Monitoring (in english):


Partial Discharge Testing

Partial Discharge Monitoring

Energy Talks is an OMICRON podcast series where experts, users and industry peers share their views on various topics related to power system testing and the power industry – not only partial discharge testing and monitoring, but also circuit breaker testing, protection testing, onsite commissioning and maintenance testing of electrical equipment, as well as the transition to renewable energy, digital transformation in the power industry, cybersecurity, and more!

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