Know the Condition of Your Machine for Reliable Operation

Reducing the risk of failure in rotating machines

Rotating machines (motors and generators), are highly important components in power generation and industrial applications. Premature failure may lead to significant financial losses, due to unexpected outages and possible damage to the asset itself. To plan maintenance effectively, it is essential to have accurate condition information about when components need repairing or replacing.

A variety of electrical tests can be performed over the complete life cycle of your machines to increase their reliability, prevent premature failures and to extend reliable service life. Off-line diagnostic tests provide you with a snapshot of current condition and detect possible defects. Temporary and permanent on-line monitoring enable continuous condition assessment under normal operating conditions. 

Recommended diagnostic tools

For common diagnostic methods on rotating machines, we offer the matching testing or monitoring solution. Together, these solutions allow you to perform a thorough condition assessment of electrical machines to quickly identify potential problems and risk of failure.

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