Why Test for Partial Discharge?

Detect insulation defects and prevent failure in your electrical assets.

Insulation faults are a major cause leading to the eventual breakdown and failure of electrical equipment. Therefore, it is crucial that the insulation condition is verified throughout equipment lifecycles. Partial discharge (PD) is both a major cause and a very reliable indicator of developing insulation defects in electrical equipment. Regular PD measurements allow you to detect and analyze PD activity in the insulation system to assess the risk of failure and to plan maintenance accordingly before major damage or a breakdown occurs.

Comparing results from consecutive on-site PD measurements provides you with the most reliable information available for determining the insulation condition in electrical equipment. Any change to the phase-resolved PD patterns, or a rapid increase in amplitude, is a sure sign that preventative action needs to be taken.

Additional PD information

Be sure to visit our PD knowledge platform to learn more about PD measurement and analysis. It provides you with videos and short articles about the importance of PD testing as well as the innovative methods used for reliable insulation defect detection in a variety of high-voltage assets.


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