ADMO 6.20 and InSight 3.20 available

January 11, 2024

Benefit from Better Workflows and a New Widget in InSight

This update will boost your productivity and also includes security updates, usability improvements, and important bug fixes.

ADMO 6.20

  • Unleash the power of ultra-flexible filters
    Advanced column-based filters, combined with the ability to save your column configuration and filter settings, greatly improve your data handling and workflows.
  • Advanced data exchange with external partners
    New filter options and individual asset selection in ADMO Box now give you more flexibility and control over the information you provide to external partners. Before importing data back into ADMO, you can perform a quick plausibility check. Moreover, a new password encryption feature ensures that your data is secure and can only be accessed by authorized individuals.
  • Data export to StationGuard
    Elevate your data management and security to the next level by linking offline data from ADMO and our cybersecurity solution StationGuard. This provides a complete data overview, which enables proactive security measures, and ensures efficiency and data quality with standardized formats.
  • Minimizing data loss
    Now ADMO monitors network quality during online sessions and alerts you if the server becomes temporarily unavailable. When the network stabilizes, you can resume work, minimizing the risk of data loss.

InSight 3.20

  • Quick access to all setting parameters with new widget
    The new widget “Setting parameters” helps you to access the values of currently applied setting parameters in individual IEDs, enabling you to make informed decisions quickly and accurately.
  • More data evaluation capabilities
    Our widgets now offer even more data evaluation options. Especially the “Asset type data” widget with added configuration and filtering, will enable you to visualize and correlate related data in new ways.
  • Speed up and simplify your installation process
    In the unlikely event that you are not yet using InSight, our web-based analytics platform, our
     new installer automates previously manual steps, saving you time and guiding you through the setup process.
    If you are not already using InSight, our web-based analytics platform, our new installer automates previously manual steps, saving you time and guiding you through the setup process.  

To request the new ADMO version, please send an email.

Further information on the new software version can be found here.


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