StationGuard Detects Cyberattacks and Malfunctions in IEC 61850 Substations

April 2, 2019

Due to numerous cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure, including the power grid, most utilities have started to implement sophisticated security measures against digital threats. However, these measures often focus only on traditional IT and the infrastructure around control centers. Substations and their - sometimes unprotected - networks are often neglected attack vectors.

An effective security concept for Substations not only includes physical access control and firewalls, but also monitors what is happening within the substation network. With StationGuard, OMICRON has developed a completely new Intrusion Detection System (IDS) to effectively detect cyber-attacks and malfunctions in IEC 61850 substations.

The StationGuard software solution runs on the specially developed RBX1 hardware platform, which can be installed directly in the substation. After importing the SCL (Substation Configuration Language) file of the substation, StationGuard creates a system model of the substation and then continuously compares all communication with this live system model.

If there are deviations detected, such as unauthorized access or malfunctions in IEC 61850 communication, an alarm can be triggered with various follow-up actions. With StationGuard, the security of the substation can be significantly increased while at the same time keeping setup and support costs to a minimum.

Learn more about StationGuard and how you can effectively protect your substation against cyber-attacks:

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