UVS 610

UHF Drain Valve Sensor

Measure partial discharge in liquid-filled power transformers

The UVS 610 allows partial discharge (PD) measurements to be conducted in UHF ranges with great sensitivity from inside the tank of liquid-insulated power transformers. The UVS 610 PD sensor is inserted into a power transformer through the vent of the oil drain valve. Used with a UHF converter, the UVS 610 is connected to a compatible PD measurement system. A useful scale on the slide-rod ensures that the device is correctly inserted into the oil drain valve. 

Key features

  • Partial discharge measurement is possible in the UHF frequency range
  • Compatible with both DN 50 and DN 80 valves
  • Offers a trigger signal for acoustic PD measurements
  • A system sensitivity check is available using the UPG 620 pulse generator accessory


  • PD detection inside liquid-filled power transformers with oil flanges 
  • Triggering of acoustic PD measurements used in PD localization

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