Training Center Klaus

The Klaus Training Center has been providing excellent training courses since 1999. It is located in Vorarlberg, the most western state of Austria. You can easily reach it by car via the highway A14 or by train with a 5 minute walk from the local railway station. Zurich International Airport (Switzerland) is the closest international airport and about 130 km away.

Benefit from ideal training conditions and special equipment comprising a wide range of test equipment as well as a number of assets such as protection relays, power transformers, bushings, instrument transformers, circuit breakers and more.


Oberes Ried 1
6833 Klaus

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English and German

Travel Information


There is a big parking space in front of the building. Please enter „Oberes Ried 1, A-6833 Klaus” into your navigation system. On the highway A14, please take the exit „Klaus / Koblach“ (No. 31).
The nearest airports are the Bodensee-Airport Friedrichshafen (60 km) and the airport Memmingen (105 km) in Germany, or the aiport Altenrhein St. Gallen (30 km) and the airport Zurich (130 km) in Switzerland.
The railway station ‘Klaus in Vlbg‘ is only a 5 minutes‘ walk from the training center.


Hotel Am Garnmarkt
8 min
60 min
Hotel Martinspark
17 min
Hotel Harry‘s Home
17 min
Gutwinski Hotel
11 min

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Courses in:

Instrument Transformer Testing


Instrument transformer diagnostics with CPC 100

1      26     

Time-optimized Voltage Transformer (VT & CCVT) diagnostics with VOTANO 100

1      28     

Time-optimized instrument transformer diagnostics with CT Analyzer & VOTANO 100


Static Contact Resistance of Disconnectors and Joints


Circuit breaker diagnostics with CIBANO 500


Time-optimized circuit breaker diagnostics with CIBANO 500

1      14     

Offline Partial Discharge Measurement and Analysis


Fundamentals and applications of partial discharge diagnostics with the MPD series


Partial Discharge Testing on MV assets with the MPD System


Partial discharge diagnostics on motors and generators with the MPD series

2.5    03       

Partial discharge diagnostics on power transformers with the MPD series


Offline Testing on Power Transformers


Dielectric moisture analysis of power transformers with DIRANA

1      06     

Power transformer diagnostics with the CPC family

2      12     

Sweep Frequency Response Analysis (SFRA) of power transformers with FRANEO 800

1      07     

Time-optimized power transformer diagnostics with TESTRANO 600

2      04     

Offline Testing on Rotating Electrical Machines


Comprehensive insulation diagnostics of rotating machines

1.5    06       

Protection Relay Testing


Automated distance and differential protection testing with CMC

2    05   29   

Automated overcurrent protection testing with CMC

1    04   28   

2in1 - Automated Power System Protection Testing with CMC

3        28

2in1 - Automated Power System Protection Testing with CMC

3    04
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