Instrument transformer testing

Instrument transformers for metering purposes must have a high degree of accuracy up to class 0.1 to ensure accurate billing. Hence, it is essential to inspect and calibrate those instrument transformers at regular intervals.

Instrument transformers for protection purposes supply protection relays and must also function accurately at a multiple of the nominal current. A regular inspection should ensure that instrument transformers, together with the connected relays, react quickly and correctly in the event of a fault and guarantee the highest possible security of supply.

The importance of transformer tests is often underestimated. Risks such as confusing instrument transformers for metering and protection, or mixing up connections can be reduced significantly by testing before initial use. At the same time, damages to the interior of an instrument transformer, caused for example during shipping, can be recognized easily. Also changes in an instrument transformer, caused for example by aging insulation, can be identified at an early stage.

Our test systems provide high-precision, automatic testing and assessment of current transformers to IEC 60044-1, IEC 60044-6, IEC 61869-2, IEEE C57.13 and IEEE C57.13.6 standards; voltage transformers to IEC 60044-2, IEC 60044-5, IEC 61869-3, IEC 61869-5, IEEE C57.13 and IEEE C57.13.6 standards; combined transformers to IEC 60044-3 and of IEC 61850 standards.

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