Are You Already into Partial Discharge Monitoring?

October 24, 2018

Learn how to extend the life of your medium or high voltage asset and avoid breakdown as well as unexpected outages!

3 reasons why monitoring is so important:

  • Know the condition of your asset insulation
  • Detect partial discharge in an early state and prevent failure
  • Monitor data and optimize your outage planning

Ulrike Broniecki (OMICRON Academy trainer, Berlin) says: “Two new training courses have been developed to serve both absolute beginners and those who have experience, but want to get most of using the OMICRON PD solutions.”


Partial Discharge Monitoring: General Introduction for Everyone

Get a first insight on Partial Discharge Monitoring! This course will support you to:

  • Become familiar with the basic principles of PD monitoring on MV and HV assets
  • Identify the different strategies for monitoring on motors and generators as well as on power transformers and HV cables
  • Choose the suitable monitoring solution for your asset 

Date: June 04, 2019
Location: Berlin, Germany

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OMICRON Partial Discharge Monitoring: Operator Course

You want to get out the most of your monitoring system? Then this course will be the best solution for you:

Monitoring of partial discharges and other quantities on medium and high voltage devices with MONGEMO and MONCABLO

  • Monitoring the quality and aging process of MV and HV assets
  • Reviewing PD monitoring data
  • Navigating the MONGEMO and MONCABLE web interface 

Date: June 25 – 26, 2019
Location: Berlin, Germany

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