Intelligent data management for electric power systems

Optimize your workflows

ADMO is an easy-to-use database software for central planning and management of all engineering, testing and maintenance activities in the power industry. 

  • Multiple users, online- and offline case
  • Harmonisation of test templates
  • Standardization of basic settings for IEDs
  • Optimisation of operational utility workflow
  • Maintenance overview
  • Consolidation of all asset data in one place
  • Designed by experts
  • Operational Manager, Asset Manager, Settings Engineer and Tester work hand in hand

Benefits for key users

Availability of all necessary data and test procedures; offline access at the substation; clear association between locations, assets, and documents; optimized test procedures; automatic synchronization
Settings engineer
Analysis of the protection equipment behavior; defined processes for configuration and settings management; flexible searches and comparisons for the harmonization of settings
Operations manager
Clear overview of the overall status of the system; precise planning of routine cyclical tests; efficient coordination of different teams (system control center, engineers, etc.); complete life history of all devices
Asset manager
High quality data for advanced analyses; optimization of maintenance and repair strategies; visualization of trends and notable information

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