CP CR600

Compensating reactor for the CP TD15

Smart accessory

The CP CR600 allows testing of the insulation quality of generators, motors and other systems with high capacitances up to 1 μF at rated frequency.

Combined with the CPC 100 + CP TD15 you can use the system for dissipation factor (tan delta) and power factor measurements. Additionally, you can use the CPC 100 + CP TD15 + CP CR600 as a high-voltage source for partial discharge measurements and voltage withstand tests on rotating machines.

Easy to transport
Due to its compact and lightweight design (48 kg / 106 lbs) and its modular concept, the system is ideal for on-site testing in various locations, for example in areas with less space and limited access.
Intuitive and safe test setup
The intuitive and easy connection concept makes testing faster than ever. All modules of this solution can be placed in the working area and only a long, high-voltage cable safely connects the test system to the test object.
Scalable system
The CP CR600 combined with the CPC 100 + CP TD15 can be adapted to your needs. Depending on the capacitance you want to test, you can flexibly connect several CP CR600 units in parallel.

Key features

  • Maximum test voltage of 15 kV
  • Easy to transport due to its modular and lightweight concept (48 kg / 106 lbs)
  • Convenient and flexible test setup, ideal for test objects with limited access
  • Low noise level, ideal for partial discharge measurements
  • Several units can be connected in parallel


With CPC 100 + CP TD15 + CP CR600 you can measure the following electrical parameters:

  • Capacitance and power/dissipation factor
  • Voltage withstand
  • DC winding resistance
  • Contact resistance
  • Impedance

The system can be used for insulation diagnostic testing of

  • Generators
  • Motors
  • Other systems with large capacitances

Solution for:


Powerful 15kV test solution for rotating machines – CPC 100 + CP TD15 + CP CR600



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