Circuit Breaker Operation Time (Off-Service) (GIS)

For measuring GIS operating times we recommend the Current Sensor Measurement (CSM) method. With this method, the ground connections on the grounding switch do not need to be removed and the GIS remains grounded on both sides. The operating time is measured via an inductive current change measurement using the parallel ground connection of the breaker. The current change that is measured through the ground connection is then used to determine the switch response times.

Expert recommends

CIBANO 500 + CB MC2 + Current Sensor

A current sensor (a Rogowski coil) is connected to the switchbay grounding switch. These sensors have a flexible design, can easily be installed on a multitude of different grounding switches and are ideal for on-site applications in GIS installations. The breaker remains grounded on both sides throughout the entire measurement.

Benefits of this solution



GIS Timing Test with CIBANO 500 Current Sensor

State-of-the-art circuit breaker testing MV / HV

High-voltage circuit breaker testing with OMICRON's CIBANO 500 and CB MC2

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