OMICRON Academy Online
Webinar (Recorded)
Test Universe

Protection Testing in Digital Substations

OMICRON Academy Online
Webinar (Recorded)
Test Universe


Protection testing must also be done in a digital substation! In this webinar you get an insight into the test features of the IEC 61850 standard. Learn how to integrate your CMC test set in IEC 61850 environments and see how test plans for digital substations can be created in the familiar way with OMICRONs Test Universe software.


  • Understand what LPHD.Sim and the test mode are all about
  • Get to know step-by-step how to do protection testing in digital substations
  • Be guided through a typical OCC test plan


  • Test features of the IEC 61850 standard
    • Simulation indication LPHD.Sim
    • Test mode
  • Test sets for IEC 61850 protection testing
  • Protection testing step-by-step
    • C/S module for setting up simulation and test mode
    • GOOSE Configuration
    • SV Configuration
    • Protection testing
  • Practical example of an OCC test plan in Test Universe


1:25 h


Please use your official Email ID to register for this recorded webinar*.

*For the recorded webinar, we are using “Cisco Webex Events”. This is a Cisco Webex Meetings solution made available by Cisco Systems Inc. (San Jose, California, USA) to conduct our training sessions. For that purpose, your data submitted in the registration process needs to be forwarded to Cisco.


This is an advanced course. Anyone who is interested in protection testing in digital substations with the CMC test set will benefit from this course.


Background knowledge about IEC 61850 or the Webinars “Introduction to IEC 61850” (Wpuc01), “IEC 61850 Data Model” (Wpuc07) and “IEC 61850 Services” (Wpuc08) recommended



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