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Volume 13 | Issue 2


  • Security assessment findings and frequently occurring risks in Substations and Power Plants 
    Learn more with our OT security engineer Ozan Dayanc
  • Rocking the Middle East and Africa 
    The energy industry's interest in the compact, battery-powered…
Volume 13 | Issue 1

Experience the OMICRON Customer Care Center

  • A playground for electrical power industry engineers 
    Experience the OMICRON Customer Care Center (OCC) in Klaus, Austria
  • Mastering the art of UHF partial discharge measurements 
    Our new UHF 800 offers you an optimal signal-to-noise ratio

  • PG&E…
Volume 12 | Issue 2

Black start using a ramp-up network

  • Ready For an Emergency 
    Follow us through the preparation phase for a rapid grid restoration pilot test using a ramp-up network.
  • CPC 100 expert tips 
    Benefit from the knowledge of our experts and get a few helpful tips about our multifunctional…
Volume 12 | Issue 1

The magic of electrical science

  • On-site testing with help from afar
    Come along with us to the on-site commissioning of a newly installed air-insulated 27.5 kV switchgear system and perform additional offline PD measurements on the switchgear via video conference.
  • OMICRON Academy…
Volume 11 | Issue 2

TWX1 – Testing traveling wave protection relays with our TWX1 accessory

  • Going flat-out for your safety: enhancing our safety concept
  • Cyber-Security starts in production: how we hardened the entire production chain against the various security threats
  • Software quality: teamwork in the development process
Volume 11 | Issue 1

MPD 800 - Our Next Generation MPD for Partial Discharge Testing

  • Let’s go digital together: Introducing Great Britain’s first fully digital substation trial Internationally
  • A matter of time and quality: How our automatic testing solution sets the bar for testing protection systems
  • Software quality: Real teamwork
Volume 10 | Issue 2

How to Frustrate Hackers

  • TESTRANO 600: On the Road to Success
  • Internationally Recognized Calibration Expertise: With OMICRON Calibrations we extend and improve our service off er for test sets
  • A Reliable Partner in the World of Medium-Voltage Cables: b2 electronics as part…
Volume 10 | Issue 1

Discover the Newest Stars in Test Universe 4.00

  • More than a product: The benefits you get in addition
  • In the depths of the SAS: StationScout makes Substation Automation Systems (SAS) transparent
  • Smaller, lighter and more powerful: New solution for rotating machines testing
Volume 9 | Issue 2

Only the Best Make It to Our Customers - How We Ensure the Reliability of Our Test Sets

  • 20,000 CMCs sold: How it all began
  • Avoid the element of surprise: Using the MPD 600 and OMS 605 for in-service partial discharge (PD) testing to detect developing insulation defects
  • Overcoming the challenge of data handling
Volume 9 | Issue 1

Power Transformer Diagnosis in One Day

  • One for all: Leading transmission system operator picks CIBANO 500 to test all types of circuit breakers with one system
  • The cyber dilemma: How to include security in networked protection technology
  • OMICRON Academy training around-the-clock
Volume 8 | Issue 2

Substations: The Challenges of Commissioning

  • Compact work unit: The three-phase CMC 430 extends the successful CMC family
  • Voltage transformers: Why you should check your voltage/potential transformers
  • Software development: New EnerLyzer Live measurement software based on the Scrum Method


Volume 8 | Issue 1

Teamwork with the Push of a Button

  • COMPANO 100: Testing tool for basic protection tasks
  • Get the Whole Picture – How PTM can improve your power transformer testing
  • What We Work For – Every Single Day
Volume 7 | Issue 2

A True Multitool: Recloser Control Testing Redefined With ARCO 400

  • TESTRANO 600: True 3-Phase Testing Makes the Difference
  • More than Just a Job: Excellent service can be challenging sometimes
  • Keep Calm and Use ADMO: Good maintenance management advice
Volume 7 | Issue 1

Routine Testing on Circuit Breakers at ABB in Switzerland

  • Keeping Machines Up and Running: New MONGEMO PD Monitoring System
  • On Site: OMICRON in Slovenia
  • Boom on the Bosporus: Turkish Success Story ENTES Turns to OMICRON
Volume 6 | Issue 2

OMICRON Campus: Insight Into an Inspiring Working Environment

  • Test solutions for generators: ensuring a safe and reliable power supply
  • RelaySimTest: for a safe journey in the future
  • First-class customer support: listening and understanding
Volume 6 | Issue 1

Bound to Specified Size: The New Standard for Distance Protection

  • VOTANO 100: Accurate voltage transformer testing on site
  • IEC 61850 testing: GOOSEs in the Namib Desert
  • MONTRANO: Continuous monitoring of transformers
Volume 5 | Issue 1

Commissioning with the CPC 100

  • From a great distance: Distributed protection testing via internet
  • CT Analyzer: Unwanted operation due to remanence in current transformers
  • Keep it tidy: System maintenance, testing and documentation with ADMO
Volume 4 | Issue 2

Digital and Analog at the Same Time: The New Daneo 400

  • Partial discharge testing
  • Novelty CMC 310
  • The first CMC testing device
Volume 4 | Issue 1

Circuit Breaker Testing

  • Integrated expert: Testing solutions of a special kind
  • Power transformers: Pinpointing a needle in a haystack
  • Tablet controlled: Operate CMC test sets via app
Volume 3 | Issue 2

Michael Krüger: Transformer Oil Flows in His Veins

  • Power Transformers
  • Technical service 24/7: Best support
  • NERC standards
Volume 3 | Issue 1

The CT Analyzer Video Series: The Making Of...

  • OMICRON Academy: Excellence through education
  • RelayLabTest: Simulation-based testing
  • CPC 100 + CP TD1: Mobile system offering the greatest accuracy
Volume 2 | Issue 2

Close-Up: Testing Current and Voltage Transformers

  • Quality in action: OMICRON´s quality management
  • Technology of the future: Sampled Values for the power system of tomorrow
Volume 2 | Issue 1

Sharing Knowledge: OMICRON Spreads Know-How

  • Transformer Drying: Measurements for monitoring the transformer drying process
  • Dissipation Factor Testing: An historical review
Weltgroesster Solarturm PS 20 in Betrieb
Volume 1 | Issue 2

Securing Energy for the Future

  • Hot on the trail of residual magnetism: A new way of testing current transformers
  • Great Place to Work: OMICRON among the best in Europe
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