More Power with Less Weight for Power/Dissipation Factor Testing

July 1, 2019

Try our new CP TD12 and CP TD15 – the brand-new successors to the well-established CP TD1 for power/dissipation factor testing on various assets. Both are smaller in size while having less weight (24 kg/53 lbs instead of 26 kg/57 lbs) compared to their predecessor.

CP TD12 with its up to 12 kV test voltage is well suited for testing high-voltage assets such as power transformers, bushings and instrument transformers. The powerful CP TD15 plus the new compensation reactor CP CR600 is the ideal combination for power/dissipation factor tests on rotating machines up to 15 kV.

In the same way as CP TD1, the new CP TD12 and CP TD15 can be used with CPC 100, CPC 80 and TESTRANO 600.

Get to know the new CP TD12 and CP TD15.

See the CP TD15 in action:

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