Highly Flexible Solution for Protection Relay Testing

Our modular approach, consisting of powerful hardware and software options, covers the whole range of protection relay testing challenges protection engineers face every day with a single highly flexible solution. It can easily be configured to your specific needs, offering fully automated testing, a future-proof combination of settings- and system-based testing as well as modular expansion options.

Configure your own solution with just a few steps – simply mix and match according to your needs:
1. Select one of our test sets
2. Select one of our software packages


Expert recommends

Recommended protection test sets

Compare our available test sets side by side and choose the one that fits your requirements. You will find that all our software options listed below work in perfect unison with the supported test sets. Any questions? We are happy to contact you and help you with your selection.

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Universal relay test set for all types and generations, including high-burden E/M relays and digital differential relays (6-phase)

  • 6 x 32 A / 3x 64 A / 1 x 128 A
  • 4 x 300 V
  • Highest output power
  • 10 multifunctional measurement and recording inputs
  • Primary injection of high currents up to 128 A
  • Preferred choice for all kind of commissioning and maintenance tasks

Ultra-portable relay test set and calibrator for energy meters, transducers and PQ analyzers

  • 3 x 12.5 A (up to 6 x 12.5 A with a second CMC 430)
  • 6 x 150 V
  • High accuracy
  • 6 multifunctional measurement and recording inputs
  • Hybrid measurement functionality with GOOSE, Sampled values and binary/analog signals
  • Preferred choice where low weight, robust design and high accuracy matters

High precision relay test set and calibrator for energy meters, transducers and PQ analyzers

  • 6 x 12.5 A / 3 x 25 A / 1 x 75 A
  • 4 x 300 V
  • High accuracy
  • 10 multifunctional measurement and recording inputs
  • Test and calibration of measurement devices with highest accuracy classes
  • Preferred choice for protection testing and calibration of measurement devices

Powerful three-phase relay test set for almost all types and generations, including high-burden E/M relays to digital universal devices

  • 3 x 32 A / 1 x 64 A
  • 4 x 300 V
  • High output power
  • 10 binary inputs
  • Low weight and compact design
  • Preferred choice for commissioning and maintenance tasks in industry, distributed generation, and medium/low voltage applications

Operating Software

We continuously develop and maintain our operating software options to give you the best support possible during your various protection testing tasks.

Test Universe

Specifically designed for settings-based protection testing with a high degree of automation, our modular software Test Universe offers numerous functions and application-optimized test modules that save you valuable time.


With its novel and future-oriented approach our software solution for system-based protection testing, performs tests independent of relay type, relay manufacturer, and offers extensive parameter settings. It focuses on the correct behavior of the protection system by simulating realistic events in the power system. Use RelaySimTest to easily detect hidden errors in your settings, logic, and protection system design and raise the quality level of your tests substantially.

CMControl P

Use CMControl P for quick and easy manual testing. CMControl P is available as an App for Android tablets and Windows PC, or as a dedicated front-end device.


The open programming interface CMEngine enables you to integrate the CMC test sets into your own testing environment and control them within any type of application.

EnerLyzer / EnerLyzer Live

With this software the CMC test set becomes a multifunctional measurement and recording unit. You can use EnerLyzer/EnerLyzer Live in parallel with the software used for operating your CMC.


Operating Software Packages

We offer our operating software in four pre-configured packages. Any package can be extended at any time by ordering additional single modules or optional add-ons. Additionally, we offer special add-ons for testing in IEC 61850 environments, measurement equipment testing and calibration.

Essential Package

If you are only looking for the software modules for some general testing tasks, the Essential Package will provide you with the most important generic Test Universe modules which allow you to cover various applications.
For protection testing tasks you should add modules for the protection functions that need to be tested.

Software Package Overview48 kB 

Standard Package

Increase the efficiency of your settings-based protection testing with our standard package. It provides you with all the Test Universe modules for using the Protection Testing Library efficiently and also includes the CMControl P license for quick and easy manual testing.

Software Package Overview48 kB 

Enhanced Package (Recommended)

With this package you can combine settings-based testing and system-based testing with RelaySimTest to achieve a new level of quality and depth in protection testing.
The package includes all modules typically required for testing conventional protection relays, as well as licenses for CMControl P and CMEngine.

Software Package Overview48 kB 

Complete Package

For total flexibility and the efficiency that is often required by manufacturers and rental companies, opt for the complete package. It includes all test software that is directly operating a CMC test set and extends the application range for protection testing in IEC 61850 environments as well as testing measurement devices (Meter, PQ Analyzer, Transducer).

Software Package Overview48 kB 

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