Stator Electrical Tests

In addition to dissipation/power factor measurements, partial discharge measurement and analysis and dielectric response analysis, there are other common stator electrical tests that can be performed.

These additional tests include voltage withstand testing, insulation resistance, polarization index and dc winding resistance measurements, as well as inter turn fault detection. They assess not only the insulation integrity, but also help to identify connection problems and weak points in the stator winding.

For all of these diagnostic methods, we offer you the matching testing and monitoring solution. With these solutions, you can perform a fast and accurate condition assessment on a variety of electrical machines to identify potential problems and risks quickly.

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CPC 100 + Primary Test Manager (PTM)

The patented CPC 100 multi-functional test system replaces several individual testing devices. This reduces the costs for training and transport, and cuts down testing time. Therefore, the CPC 100 is the ideal test set for performing a variety of off-line electrical tests on motors and generators, such as insulation resistance, polarization index and dc winding resistance measurements, among others. You can operate the CPC 100 via the integrated front panel, or by using the Primary Test ManagerTM (PTM) software on your laptop. The software also supports you during diagnostic testing, condition assessment and data management of your motors and generators.

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Other solutions

CPC 100 + CP TD15 + CP CR600

This combined solution is ideal for performing a variety of off-line measurements, such as voltage withstand testing, on rotating electrical machines. The CP TD15 included a high-voltage source, reference capacitor and measurement electronics. It can generate output voltages up to 12 kV respectively 15 kV, currents up to 300 mA and achieves laboratory precision, even in environments with strong interferences.

Other solutions

DIRANA + Primary Test Manager (PTM)

DIRANA uses dielectric frequency response (DFR) analysis in order to determine the condition of high-voltage insulation systems in rotating electrical machines, such as motors and generators. It automatically analyses and determines the water content in different types of insulation. The measurement results are shown in categories defined by IEC 60422. The Primary Test Manager (PTM) software guides you step-by-step through test set-up, execution and assessment. 

Other solutions

FRANEO 800 + Primary Test Manager (PTM)

FRANEO 800 was developed for inter turn fault detection in rotating electrical machines, such as motors and generators, after transportation or exposure to high fault currents. It uses the sweep frequency response analysis (SFRA) principle and measures the electrical transfer function over a wide range of frequencies. With our FRANEO 800 you can improve rotating machine reliability, reduce maintenance costs and prevent expensive failures. The Primary Test Manager (PTM) software automatically generates test plans based on the nameplate data and in accordance with international standards. It also enables convenient measurement comparisons and reporting.



Powerful 15kV test solution for rotating machines – CPC 100 + CP TD15 + CP CR600

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