OT/ICS Security for Energy Systems

Modern substations, power plants, and control centers rely on Ethernet-based communication. Especially when it comes to operational technology (OT) security, the associated interconnection introduces new security risks and can potentially result in major reputation losses for your company.

To prevent cyberattacks and mitigate their damage, it is vital to identify risks and detect cyber threats and prohibited activities in real time based on an industrial control system (ICS) security strategy. With regard to cybersecurity for utilities, the applied solutions must support security officers as well as OT engineers to ensure an efficient response to incidents. Having continuous knowledge and precise documentation of the risk level is vital for recommending the right actions early enough and maximizing availability.

Security systems in substations should work together seamlessly with security operations centers (SOC) and security incident and response management (SIEM) systems. As a base for OT risk management, a standard-compliant asset inventory of all devices communicating in the critical networks in power plants and substations is needed.


Intrusion Detection System (IDS) for the Power Grid

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Intrusion Detection System (IDS) for the Power Grid

StationGuard on the RBX1 platform

The intrusion detection system (IDS) StationGuard monitors substation networks. The system can be quickly configured by importing engineering files and almost immediately protects your infrastructure against cyber threats. StationGuard identifies suspicious behavior, prohibited actions, and malfunctions in the IEC 61850 station or process bus. It is tailor-made for substation engineers and provides cybersecurity features dedicated to operational technology (OT) in energy systems. A dedicated maintenance mode makes sure that engineering activities are only allowed during predefined times.

OT/ICS Asset Inventory Management and Discovery

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OT/ICS Asset Inventory Management and Discovery

Different security regulations, such as the EU NIS directive and NERC-CIP, require you to keep an asset inventory as a base for vulnerability management and performing risk analyses.

StationGuard automatically recognizes all devices in the network, creates an asset inventory, and visualizes communication. In addition, it generates detailed information for each asset by combining the actual network analysis with SCL engineering files. This helps to ensure that all the devices from different suppliers meet current regulatory requirements in accordance with your information security management system (ISMS) directive and national security regulations.

Products for OT/ICS Security for Energy Systems


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StationGuard – Cybersecurity tailor-made for substations

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