Cable testing & monitoring

High-voltage cables are used for supplying power in densely-populated areas or for example to offshore installations. Trouble-free operation over decades with little or no maintenance is therefore a requirement to ensure a secure energy supply.

The diagnostic possibilities for assessing the condition of cables and cable accessories are limited. In addition to high-voltage partial discharge tests, the condition of the cable insulation can also be examined by means of dielectric measurements, such as power/dissipation factor, capacitance, dielectric response. Measurements of temperature at different locations as well as oil pressure can also indicate the current cable load status.

Online monitoring of these measurement quantities in cables provides an effective solution for continuous insulation condition assessment, especially when problems are suspected or for checking insulation status during the entire period of operation.

We offer a variety of on-line and off-line testing and monitoring solutions according to international standards to ensure reliable operation and extended service life of cables and cable accessories.

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