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The renewable energy transition poses significant challenges for the electricity sector. On the one hand, increasing demand for electrical energy (due to electrification of e.g. mobility and heating) and, on the other hand, replacing existing fossil fuel power plants with renewable energy resources. The most important renewable energy resources are hydropower, wind power and solar power. They can be large centralized systems like offshore wind parks or smaller and distributed ones, like rooftop PV systems.  



Dedicated products

CMC 430

Protection Testing Library (PTL)

ARCO 400





Special Applications

Grounding tests for wind turbine rotors:

Most wind turbine lightning strikes hit the rotor blades. To reliably discharge the lightning, the resistance from the rotor to the earth at the base of the mast must be sufficiently low. Due to the long measurement leads required, the micro-ohm meter must have high output power and current to take accurate measurements. The battery-operated COMPANO 100 can cover this application as well.

Induced onsite partial discharge testing:

Renewable energy poses challenges due to the higher stress that fluctuating energy generation puts on the transformer insulation.

Cast resin transformers are often used for the most common failure of epoxy-resin insulation breakdown.
In locations with narrow space like wind turbines, induced voltage testing and PD measurements can help provide a comprehensive transformer diagnosis.



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