Step and Touch Voltage Tests

At critical locations, such as fences or other metallic parts, hazardous step and touch voltages can occur. It is, therefore, crucial to measure step and touch voltage at locations in and around the substation in order to ensure safety for persons and animals.

Currents simulating fault conditions are in the same way injected as with the ground impedance measurement via a frequency variable current source into a ground point at a distant location.

Measured voltages are referenced against worst-case fault- and protection reaction scenarios to determine if the grounding system complies with national regulation. 

Expert recommends

CPC 100 + CP CU1 + HGT1

With CPC 100, direct voltage measurements on the device are possible, whereas with PTM, the voltage pickup is performed with our mobile handheld meter HGT1.

The HGT1 is a handheld, battery-powered voltmeter with an integrated FFT-based spectrum analyzer. Electronically configurable integrated resistors allow users to simulate the human body’s impedance. It provides a wide dynamic range combined with high sensitivity, which even allows users to measure very small voltages and distinguish them from interferences and disturbances with reliability.

Benefits of this solution

Other solutions


COMPANO 100 enables you to easily generate the test current at non-network frequency to avoid measurement errors. This makes step and touch voltage testing results particularly accurate. 

Combined with the handheld and frequency-selective HGT1 voltmeter, you can measure the step and touch voltages at the same frequencies as the injected test current and easily access different measurement locations.

Other solutions

PTM + PTMate

The well-structured Primary Test Manager™ (PTM) database enables you to define and manage locations, assets, jobs and reports in an easy and fast way. 

PTMate is your mobile companion for PTM. The app supports you on site and extends the PTM feature set to your smartphone.


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