Client/Server Communication (MMS) in IEC 61850 Environments

Client/Server communication is used between IEDs and SCADA systems. In order for it to be tested, access to the substation network traffic is needed. Client/Server communication generally consists of request/response sequences. Matching these request/response sequences and representing them is a challenge. The technology used for this communication is defined in IEC 61850-8-1 as MMS (Manufacturing Messaging Specification). So the communication between the IEDs and SCADA or the substation automation system (SAS) is called “MMS”

The visualization of IEDScout delivers great value for the user. With IEDScout you can easily access Client/Server traffic and present it in context. IEDScout is an ideal software tool for working with IEC 61850 devices. It even allows you to analyze the communication between other clients and servers. It checks the data model and visually represents the functions of its services in a report. Additionally, IEDScout performs numerous useful tasks, which would otherwise need to be carried out by a functioning master station.

OMICRON’s Test Universe IEC 61850 C/S extends protection testing with testing the SCADA communication.

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