Discover our CPC 100 VR experience

Discover our CPC 100 VR experience

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Paper of the Month

May 1, 2019

PD Monitoring on HV Cable Systems

Sharing Knowledge – Paper of the Month

Electrician Near High Voltage Transformer
February 5, 2019

Testing of differential protection for phase-shifting transformers

Sharing Knowledge – Paper of the Month


A protection engineer’s mission – accomplished with the new CMC 430

OMICRON'S IEC 61850 Testing Solutions

COMPANO 100 - Battery operated testing tool for basic protection tasks

GIS Timing Test with CIBANO 500 Current Sensor

Route to IEC 61850 (2017): How IEC 61850 testing features support functional testing

Route to IEC 61850 (2019): Attacking an IEC 61850 Substation

Season's Greetings from OMICRON

ARCO Control Tutorial – Harmonics Tool

ARCO Control Tutorial – Sequencer Tool

Inside OMICRON: from the point of view of a Marketing Communications intern

Field Testing Traveling Wave Protection Systems

Primary Test Manager™ (PTM) – Testing and management software for medium- and high-voltage assets

The Future of Protection Testing

StationScout - Testing your SAS through the whole lifecycle

Creating test plans for recloser and sectionalizer controls with ReCoPlan

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