Partial discharge testing and monitoring

Partial discharges cause insulation defects and eventual failure in your electrical equipment

Reliable condition assessment

Partial discharge (PD) is considered one of the major contributors to the degradation and failure of insulation systems in electrical equipment. 

Compared to other dielectric diagnostic methods, PD measurement and analysis allow you to effectively and reliably assess the insulation condition of a number of high-voltage assets. They are performed during factory acceptance, on-site commissioning and routine maintenance testing to detect insulation defects and assess risks.

Timely corrective action

Since PD activity is often present well in advance of insulation failure, PD measurement and analysis allow you to make informed decisions regarding the timely repair or replacement of equipment to ensure operation reliability.

Learn more about partial discharge

Find out more about partial discharge measurement and analysis by watching the videos and reading the articles on this page. You can also find a PD measurement and analysis solution, register to attend OMICRON Academy courses for hands-on PD training, and contact us with any PD-related questions you have.

Watch our videos about PD measurement and analysis

Read our articles about partial discharge detection

The importance of partial discharge measurement and monitoring

Read our white paper to learn more about PD testing, including:

  • What is partial discharge?
  • The importance of measuring PD
  • Why, when and how PD is measured
  • What type of PD analysis system is recommended


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Meet our PD testing solutions for your electrical assets

MPD 800

Universal partial discharge measurement and analysis system




Portable on-line partial discharge measurement and temporary monitoring system


Benefit from our PD testing solutions

Meet industry standards

Our solutions measure PD in compliance with the IEC 60270 standard for reliable detection in high-voltage assets.

Safe operation

Maximum safety is ensured with fiber optic cables, which enable complete electrical isolation between the user and test object.

Reliable noise filtering

Adjustable frequencies and bandwidths maximize measurement sensitivity in settings with high interference.

Accurate analysis

Advanced methods of noise suppression and source separation enable accurate PD analysis.

Find the best PD testing solution for your application

How does partial discharge monitoring play a role?

On-line PD monitoring systems allow asset managers to continuously collect a vast amount of information without interrupting normal service. These PD monitoring systems record insulation condition data under real load conditions. 

Continuous on-line PD monitoring solutions



Portable on-line partial discharge measurement and temporary monitoring system



Permanent on-line PD monitoring system for power cables



Permanent on-line PD monitoring system for rotating electrical machines


OMICRON provides you with:

  • Extensive knowledge in PD measurement and analysis
  • Innovative PD testing and monitoring solutions
  • Experienced hands-on PD training at OMICRON Academy
  • Dedicated 24/7 expert technical support



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