High Power 70 kV Upgrade Option

External high-voltage source (series resonance system) for off-line testing

The compact and lightweight high power 70 kV upgrade option is used as an external HV source with the CPC 100 multi-functional electrical testing system and MPD Series partial discharge (PD) analysis systems for off-line measurements on HV equipment, such as cables and switchgear.

The high power 70 kV upgrade option forms a series resonant circuit with the test object capacitance to provide users with a lightweight HV source alternative for off-line testing. It is suitable for voltage withstand tests as well as PD measurements, due to its low interference level.

By using the frequency variable output of the CPC 100, the test frequency is tuned to the point that the capacitive test object and the resonance coil build a series resonance. Tests in the field can be realized up to 70 kV with a maximum current of up to 1.1 A. The test frequency is dependent on the capacitive load of the test object.

A test voltage of 70 kV can be achieved between 50 Hz and 400 Hz, which corresponds to a test object capacitance of up to 45 nF. Higher loads can be energized with lower frequencies and lower voltage. For example, a test object with 192 nF is energized with 25 Hz and can be tested with a maximum voltage up to 35 kV.



Key features

  • Lightweight HV testing solution
  • Powerful 1.1 A at 70 kV
  • Very low interference for PD measurements (typ. <5pC)


  • Lightweight HV source alternative for off-line testing
  • Suitable for voltage withstand tests and PD measurements
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