Benefits of this solution

Powerful solution

In combination, our CPC 100 multi-functional testing system, high power 70 kV upgrade option and MPD 800 partial discharge measuring and analysis system allow you to perform field tests up to 70 kV with a maximum current of up to 1.1 A.

Variable voltage output

A test voltage of 70 kV can be applied between 50 Hz and 400 Hz, which corresponds to a test object capacitance of up to 45 nF. Higher capacitances can be energized with lower frequencies and lower voltage.

Easy transport

The compact, lightweight design of the multi-functional CPC 100 test system and the individual components of the high power 70 kV upgrade option and MPD 800 system makes the entire solution easy to transport and use in testing areas with limited space.

Reliable noise filtering

The MPD 800 provides you with a free choice of measurement frequency and bandwidths to maximize measurement sensitivity in environments with high interference.

“The High Power 70 kV upgrade option forms a series resonant circuit with the capacitance of the device under test, thus providing the user with a lightweight HV source for off-line testing. It is suitable for voltage withstand tests as well as PD measurements, due to its low interference level.”

“Benefit from the expertise we acquire through the continuous sharing of knowledge .”

We maintain a constant dialogue with users and experts – for example during customer events and conferences all over the world and our collaboration with numerous standardization committees. We also share our knowledge with you in our customer portal and a wide spectrum of training possibilities, including start-up training and webinars.

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