Benefits of this solution

Time-Saving Solution

The measurement sensor is mounted on a rail and automatically moves across it to scan the stator core surface below. This saves a lot of manual work for the operator. In addition, the intuitive software enables automatic on-site reporting with a single mouse click of a button.

Complete Assessments

Our measurement solution can be used to reliably detect inter core faults along the slot wall and at the slot base for more complete stator core condition assessments.

Powerful sensitive solution

Our frequency variable source enables a high signal-to-noise ratio up to 400 Hz. Additionally, the frequency-variable measurement excludes the influence of potential interference in noisy environments.

“Electromagnetic imperfection testing is performed using our CPC 100 together with the Stator Core Measurement Upgrade Option to reliably detect interlamination imperfections in the stator core, which cause overheating and damage in rotating machines.”

“Benefit from the expertise we acquire through the continuous sharing of knowledge .”

We maintain a constant dialogue with users and experts – for example during customer events and conferences all over the world and our collaboration with numerous standardization committees. We also share our knowledge with you in our customer portal and a wide spectrum of training possibilities, including start-up training and webinars.

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