Partial discharge measurement and analysis for instrument transformers

Benefits of this solution

Safe operation

Maximum operator safety is ensured with fiber optic cables, which enable complete electrical isolation between the user, computer, recording unit and the test object.

Meets industry standards

The MPD 600 measures partial discharge in compliance with the IEC 60270 standard to ensure the reliable detection of PD activity in current and voltage transformers.

Low energy consumption

The MPD 500 has an auxiliary battery that provides you with up to 20 hours of uninterrupted operation for continuous partial discharge measurements in the field.

Easy to use

The MPD 500 system’s integrated pass/fail evaluation of partial discharge activity and its customized reporting feature simplifies PD measurement analysis and reporting.

“Our MPD 500 has a number of automated features that make it ideal for pass/fail PD evaluation during routine and acceptance testing on current and voltage transformers.”  

“You can count on our solutions because they’ve been developed with experience and passion . Due to our innovative approach, we’re setting groundbreaking standards in our industry sector.“

We invest more than 15 % of our total turnover in research and development so that we’re even able to guarantee the reliable use of the latest technology and methods in the future. With a comprehensive product care concept that includes things like free software updates, we can also guarantee that your investment will pay off in the long term.

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