Primary injection, secondary injection and basic protection test set

Benefits of this solution

Time-saving and efficient

The commissioning of protection systems often requires the verification of hundreds of connections. Whether for primary or secondary injection, with COMPANO 100 you will drastically speed up these tests.

Maximum mobility

Due to its light weight (only 10 kg / 22 lbs), battery operation, and compact and rugged design, you can conveniently transport the universal and easy-to-use COMPANO 100.

Large variety of applications

COMPANO 100 covers a wide range of applications and can be used for commissioning, maintenance and troubleshooting in substations, railway systems, industry, or renewable energy generation facilities.

“Wiring checks and burden measurements with primary and secondary injection are particularly convenient with COMPANO 100.”

"Extraordinary support starts with the very first contact. We always communicate from technician to technician, worldwide and around the clock."

The electrical power supply must be working reliably 24/7. We support you with free, professional technical support. Close to 40 support engineers and more than 100 training courses worldwide underline this fact. With service centers on all continents and a worldwide network of sales partners we are always close to you.

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